Overnight Oats

#OvernightOats - #EasyRecipe for #breakfast - #Mealprep

Something that has helped me to make my morning routine less stressful is to prepare as much as I can the night before, like meals, clothes and the kid’s bags. I’ve become an expert preparing meals on Sundays for the rest of the week, and it’s incredible how that aids the family logistic and especially my mental peace.

One of the meals that stays better for days are overnight oats. The best thing is that in the morning you just take it from the fridge and eat it. How much time do we save here? You can play and experiment with the toppings so you’ll never get bored of it.

Overnight oats are a just kind of oatmeal that are not cooked, but are soaked in milk, yogurt and other ingredients. You put it in the refrigerator the night before to absorb the liquid and the flavors. Any type of oatmeal works fine for this recipe.

So, with no more preamble, below you will find step by step how to prepare these delicious overnight oats.
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#OvernightOats - #EasyRecipe for #breakfast - #mealprep
1. Put oats in a glass jar.

#OvernightOats - #EasyRecipe for #breakfast - #Mealprep

2. Add any toppings you want and/or have in your kitchen: chocolate chips, banana, mango, honey, chia seeds . . . options are endless! The one in the picture has raisins, peanut butter, crushed hazelnuts, cinnamon and homemade berry jam.

#OvernightOats - #EasyRecipe for #breakfast - #Mealprep

3. Add Greek yogurt (optional). Greek yogurt not only gives a thicker texture to the oats, but it is also a significant source of protein which keeps you full longer.

#OvernightOats - #EasyRecipe for #breakfast - #Mealprep

4. Pour the milk of your preference until all the other ingredients are covered. I used homemade almond milk.

#OvernightOats - #EasyRecipe for #breakfast - #Mealprep

5. Mix well with a spoon.

#OvernightOats - #EasyRecipe for #breakfast - #Mealprep

6. Cover the jar and put it in the fridge.

#OvernightOats - #EasyRecipe for #breakfast - #Mealprep

7. The next day open and enjoy. If you want you can add some extra toppings, just to make it prettier, but it’s not necessary.

#OvernightOats - #EasyRecipe for #breakfast - #Mealprep

8. These overnight oats are ideal for meal prep on the weekends. You can make all the jars you want, keep them in the fridge and eat them during the week. They can last several days depending on the ingredients you use. Once I added bananas and on the third day the were still perfect to eat.

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