Yoga In The Darkness


The sun starts to come out late in the fall, so when I woke up today it was still dark. I decided to do my practice without turning on the lights, just me, feeling the movement and the breath. My home and the city were still quiet, no sirens, no kids asking for milk, nor moms rushing to get to work on time. No birds, because they are gone until it starts to get warm again. Putting other matters aside and looking inwards was easier. It was a great learning experience and I’m sure it would make waking up easier now. When I want to stay in bed, I’ll remember I only have minutes of precious darkness and silence, minutes until the city and my home are vibrant again, minutes to enjoy myself and feel my breath guiding me towards what is necessary and right in the moment, towards what my body, mind and soul need.

At 6:30am the sun started to rise and I saluted him.


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