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Welcome! I’m Soraya Sarcos and I’m the voice behind Mango Time.

I created this blog to passionately share experience-based tools that inspire nurturing life-changing habits. I’m here to assist you in creating your most healthy and balanced self possible in the middle of a hectic lifestyle.

I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, where I grew up and lived until 2004. Currently I live in Brooklyn with my husband and three kids (Magdalena 8, Bolivar and Clara 4). I work full time, and between the job and my household I have almost no time for anything else. All the information you’ll find here will be brief and to the point, ideal for all the working moms and dads out there.

I try to offer the healthiest plant-based food to my family; we are fans of green juices and homemade banana ice cream. I love cooking, running and reading. I will use this blog to offer you what I’ve learned about living with a big family on a tight budget in a busy, expensive and overcrowded city. I hope my blog serves of benefit to you and your family.

I teach gentle breath-centered therapeutic yoga and have experience teaching people with different health issues in their body and mind, proving that yoga can be a useful part of the treatment plan for many medical conditions. If you’re interested in practicing with me and want more information feel free to send an email to Info@YogaWithSoraya.com or visit yogawithsoraya.com.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Carlos M Quintero S says:

    My comae, I’m really happy with your work, since we meet years ago I knew the power that you have, I’m talking about what your soul has to teach, help an show to the world. I’m very very proud of you, do not hesitate having all days a big smile for each person cross your way.
    God bless you.

  2. Dariana Cruz says:

    Soraya no sabía que eras venezolana! me encanta tu blog! gracias por hacerlo y compartir! besos

    1. ¡Gracias! Me alegro que te guste. Todavía está en construcción, pero poco a poco va tomando forma. Así que quédate en sintonía para que veas lo que viene. Sí, soy maracucha a mucha honra. ¿Tú también eres venezolana?

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